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Will You Let Your Kids Out to Play?

Will You Let Your Kids Out to Play?

Yesterday I took the dog for a walk in a small wood near our house. The path was barely there—overgrown with brambles that tore at my jeans and green hand-me-down vest. I breathed in the cold air, glad to finally be walking on something besides manicured lawn or asphalt.

Everything seemed to be sleeping under the dusting of snow. The twigs snapping under my boots nearly echoed. After a few steps, a big, brown owl took flight in front of us and glided further up and further in to the trees.

Piper, a novice at hiking, hesitated to make his way through the thorns, but bounded forward once I called him. I could see that this dog, who shakes with anxiety when we travel, was morphing into the puppy whose senses are bombarded with everything that’s new and exciting. He wanted to sniff it all.

Piper’s not busy like that inside. In our old house, he’d silently sleep the days away upstairs in a dark corner of a deserted room. Up there, it was warm and lonely, with little sensory input.

Sometimes our kids are like that. We want them to have tidy, full resumés for college. We want them to achieve and not make a scene. So we sign them up for every organized activity under the sun, planning their days, and tucking them away in safety until they turn 18.

In pursuit of these goals, we subordinate their senses, their creativity, their very freedom.

We still have a lot to do today: things to unpack, things to organize, and things to clean. Like my friend Sally said, it’s enough to make me want to BURN ALL THE THINGS. So yes, my girls are currently cleaning their room, and my son will help unpack garage boxes later, but right now he’s building a snow fort with the neighbor kids who have trickled out of doors.

Sometimes vitality is easy to facilitate: like saying “Yes,” or venturing off the asphalt. Sometimes it takes more effort, like the hour it’ll take to put gloves and boots on the girls this afternoon. But every second of joy in the snow will be worth the effort.

How can you help your kids awaken their senses today? What can you say “Yes!” to? What doors can you open? What mess can you allow? What freedom can you give? Won’t you let your kids come out and play?

Rhiannon Kutzer

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Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

I’m Rhiannon.

You can call me Rhi for short (as in “rewrite”). I’m a fiercely independent homeschooling mom of five, a Navy wife of almost 13 years, and a creator of various things: articles, a monthly newsletter, quilts, furniture, and the occasional knitted scarf. This is the site where I write about our homeschool journey and news and happenings in the homeschool world. more about me.


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Let’s Thrive Together!

Need a shot in the arm for your homeschool? Get Thrive Together, a monthly email that brings you:

--the best of the homeschool blogosphere,
--current homeschool news,
--and great quotes that will refresh your homeschool mama mind.

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  • I am one to lift the heavy thing all by myself. I’m prone, actually, to attempting to do ALL the things on my own. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this #navylife, it’s that you can’t survive unless you have community. The same goes for being a #homeschoolmom or #sahm (or a human, generally).
So often, I think women think they can go it alone, but we need community more than we know. It’s all too easy to shrivel up inside our own bitter loneliness. We need both the tangible help of others and their intangible fellowship of prayers and council, too.
Today I get to be over at @theglorioustable chatting about community. Check it out (link in profile), and then go call a friend and schedule a coffee date! ☕️☕️
  • Uh Oh. We just discovered the life changing taste that is homemade granola. It’s no doubt a good thing that I hadn’t tried this before, because now the family is going to demand this stays in stock. #soyummy #homemade #sahm #betterthanskittles
  • Happy 119th birthday, U.S. Submarine Force! Y’all know how to party here in the Submarine Capital of the World. Thanks to the lovely and talented @alisanomaly for taming my locks. And thank you to my handsome sailor for a fun night out! #milspouse
  • First attempt at bubbles. Don’t know what I’m doing, but we needed to get laundry little more organized and this was a fun way to do it. #procrastination #watercolor #bravewriterlifestyle #homeschool #chores

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