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Why Everyone Should Consider Homeschooling

Simple.  Statistical facts.

Some things are just fact, and if we recognize them as such, we can position ourselves to win.  If you stay married, your kids have a better chance of staying married.  If you exercise regularly, you’ll control your weight and prevent disease easier.  Or, one of my favorites, if you don’t use credit cards, you stand a zero percent chance of going into credit card debt.

Homeschoolers Are Positioned to Win

Homeschoolers have significant statistical advantages over non-homeschoolers.  Here are some:

  • They typically score higher than 86-87% of other students on standardized tests.
  • They have higher college GPAs and graduation rates.
  • Student gender, and parents’ income or education levels have no statistically significant influence on their academic achievement.
  • They report higher levels of contentment in their adult lives.
  • They  participate in more community service—34% more than non-homeschoolers.
  • Their education costs less, saving taxpayers $9,423 per student, per year, or about $122,500 over the course of a single K-12 education.
  • 92.4% of homeschool graduates feel their education gave them an advantage as an adult.

If you want these results for your children, you should give homeschooling serious consideration.

The Time Consideration

My kids are young–my oldest of 4 is not quite 8–so we haven’t hit the challenging junior high years or teenage angst yet.  But take a look at this:

Depending on their state’s regulations, homeschooling families have around 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 180 days per year, for 13 years MORE to spend with one another than non-homeschooling families.  That adds up to 18,720 more waking hours together, and away from an institutional school setting where mom and dad have no influence.

This simple mathematical fact means our family has a better chance than non-homeschoolers of making it through those years not only having survived, but thrived–together.

It’s All Probability

There’s always a chance you’ll end up a failure no matter how you educate your kids, with a broken family and kids who fail academically and in civic life, but when you homeschool, you’re giving them the advantage.

There is so much opposition to students and families today.  Parents need every advantage.  They need to analytically consider homeschooling as a way to position their kids and families to win.

If you’re homeschooling now, what were some reasons you chose to do so?  What are some benefits your family is reaping?


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