Supreme Court: Teachers Union Fees No Longer Mandatory

NPR reported today the Supreme Court’s decision to end mandatory fees taken by unions. In Janus v. AFSCME, Justice Samuel Alito argued that taking fees from a worker who doesn’t want to be part of his local union is a violation of that worker’s First Amendment rights.

As a result of the ruling, teachers unions will need to get leaner and their membership will decrease. Teachers unions may become more blatantly partisan since they’ll no longer be beholden to teachers who were forced to pay agency fees or union dues but who disagreed generally with the union’s political leanings.

What does this mean for homeschoolers? Well, in the big scheme of things, teachers unions may become less powerful, and less able to push against school choice movements. They’ll certainly have fewer dollars, which will lead to less political clout. The strengthening of school choice movements means more normalization for homeschoolers.

However, I still don’t think it will have that much impact on the ground because teachers unions are so powerful. School choice advocates within the educational establishment and homeschoolers are proportionally such a tiny part of education in this country, that today’s ruling marks a tiny shift instead of a massive movement of power away from teachers unions. Of course, any education policy comes down to the make up of your local district anyway.

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