Stirring the Waters: Refreshment for Your Homeschool

20140708-202208-73328130.jpgThe kids are picking raspberries at our friends’ farm. As I sit in the shade watching, I’ve entered full-on Rest Mode, which has reminded me of how much learning happens when we just let life happen.

The change in the seasons is, I think, God’s way of nudging us toward experiencing life a little differently: a way of keeping us from getting stagnant. He stirs the water to infuse oxygen and refresh the living.

When the sun brightens and the birdsong amplifies, something childlike in us flows along with the summer breeze, wanting to be outdoors, play music, draw something, examine a leaf, or get sweaty hiking a mountain trail.

This new breath is both restful and, perhaps surprisingly, increases productivity–especially in all the areas we don’t have time for during the hard, plodding school year. There’s still a lot of preparation to do for the upcoming year, and that can’t be ignored. But we labor fluidly on the porch with a glass of iced tea. The breeze turns the page when we look up to watch the kids run through the sprinkler. We’ll get to that next page, only after breathing in a breath of fresh life.

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