News Over The New Year: Homeschooling Is Unfair To Others, 96% Of Social Psychologists Lean Liberal

After a long holiday break, I’m back and tracking the most important issues in homeschooling. Here are my top picks for the week:

  1. Upcoming news and issues for Catholic education

  2. Dr. Brian Ray from the National Home Education Research Institute ponders whether homeschooling is unfair to other children.

  3. Some ideas to get you back on track after Christmas break. I may have to check out some of these documentaries.

  4. New Study Indicates Existence of Eight Conservative Social Psychologists
    The rest are mostly liberal with a (very) few leaning centrist. It’s not really my domain to track the political leanings of academics in the field of social psychology, but this new study will astound you.

Writes Jonathan Haidt at, “Bill von Hippel and David Buss surveyed the membership of the Society for Experimental Social Psychology. That’s a professional society composed of the most active researchers in the field who are at least five years post-PhD.”

The stats come out thus: “1) Self descriptions of political identity: 36 to one…2) Presidential voting: 76 to one…3) Views on political issues: 314 to one.”

Think about that. While it might be understandable that of professional social psychologists, votes went 76 for Obama to only one for Romney in 2012, fully 96.0% support leftist social issues.

As a homeschooling mom who hopes to send her kids to college one day, this data disturbs me. For 30 years now, we’ve been hearing about how liberal most college professors are, but I, perhaps naively, never imagined academics were as partisan as this.

I don’t know what the data is on professionals other academic fields, but as I educate my kids with a view toward college, I’m going to have to prepare them even more than I thought for the leftist atmosphere they’ll face. It’s clear that these statistics won’t change overnight. So, your kids and mine will be under the tutelage of professors they’ll likely admire, but who hold to extremely liberal ideologies.

This is not to say it’s a win for liberal homeschoolers entering college. What’s the good of a college atmosphere in which all your professors agree on political and social issues?

The fact is, prospective college students of every political stripe need to be made aware of the uniqueness of the college atmosphere, and their parents and teachers need to prepare them accordingly.

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