News, Nov. 15-21

Michigan considers the cost of homeschooling and socialization.

Mom Judy Major spends $300-$1000 per student per year. Her school district misses about $7000 per student per year, but says homeschooling is a good option if it’s right for the student.

Winners announced in an essay contest on “Why I am Grateful for Homeschool.”

Read Monica Utsey’s moving winning essay here.

A new movement in South Carolina schools to increase physical movement during school.

The American College of Sports Medicine, on its annual report card on physical activity by US children last year, issued a D-minus, finding that just a quarter of children aged between six and 15 were active for 60 minutes a day

School boards struggle with red tape to get more P. E. into schools, or in this case outfit rooms with specialty desks that double as excercise equipment. Homeschoolers don’t have that challenge, but are they moving enough? On the results in Charleston schools,

Spurlock reports reading levels soaring and disciplinary referrals plummeting at all grade levels,

Imagine this in a homeschool setting: “almost everyone in the class is moving all day long – even the teacher.” For most homeschooling moms, this describes a normal day, but if your students have trouble with focus or behaviors, you might give more movement a try.

Massachusetts reshuffles its standardized testing

Parcc began as a cooperation between 26 states, but now only five and the District of Columbia will use the test. Smarter Balanced began with 31 states — some states joined both groups — and now counts 15. Three states have repealed the Common Core altogether, and here a proposed ballot initiative would do the same.

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