News Dec. 6-12 Obama signs ESSA and Swedish Family Loses Son for Good

Every Student Succeeds Act Succeeds

President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act into law on Thursday. This comes after the Senate advanced the bill a day before by a vote of 84-12. Notably, presidential candidates Rand Paul and Ted Cruz voted against the bill, while Marco Rubio didn’t vote.

The more I read about the bill, the more I enjoy the fact that it’s my job to teach my kids in my home and not to write education policy. This is an extremely complex piece of legislation that will, in one way or another, affect every U.S. family with school-aged children. Its 1061 pages were released for public review only two days before the House of Representatives voted for the bill, so this is, for many of us, another case of finding out what’s in a bill only after it’s passed.

Regardless, most of it won’t affect homeschoolers a ton, as I wrote last week. However, ESSA doesn’t really slow the rollout of Common Core, so wherever your state stands on CC will be what your homeschool has to deal with most immediately.

Swedish court rules against Johansson family. Again.

In a “cold” and “callous” ruling, parents Christer and Annie lose seven-year-long battle, and won’t see their son until he’s an adult. This is really a sad case, and I’m sure the Johansson’s would appreciate our prayers. The only recourse they have left is the European Court of Human Rights.

Abuse Cases

This article is fair on the subject of homeschooling regulation as a reaction to abuse cases, but the reporter, like many in the non-homeschooling community, fail to look at the statistics. For a culture so dependent on data, it’s shocking how few people realize that homeschoolers actually test better in states with fewer regulations. Of course testing well on the ACT doesn’t mean a child won’t be abused at home, but it does correlate.


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