News Dec. 13-19 Catholic Schools and Common Core and A Cool Idea for Homeschool PE

Common Core Co-Author to Give Keynote at National Catholic Educational Association Convention

David Coleman, president of The College Board, and Common Core co-author has an unexpected message for Catholic schools that applies just as well to homeschoolers: keep doing what makes you great, despite the coming changes to the AP and SAT tests. I’ve written about why homeschoolers shouldn’t worry about standardized testing, but it’s surprising to hear this from the president of the College Board himself.

From the National Catholic Register:

[W]hat Coleman did say is this, quite emphatically: don’t compromise what Catholic schools do well. On that bedrock principle, we seem to agree entirely. If anything—whether the Common Core or another “reform,” changing social mores, threats against religious freedom or another influence—pressures Catholic schools to compromise their mission and abandon the core liberal arts focus of traditional Catholic education, then we should simply refuse to do so.

“He urged educators in the classical and Catholic liberal arts tradition to “have more moxie” and “be proud” of their approach to education.”

Homeschool PE Helps College Students

“All in all, it’s one program helping everyone involved gain skills for the future.” The college students get experience working with kids, and the homeschooled kids get a P.E. class with their friends, a win-win for everyone.

Homeschool Alum: Stop Knowing What Anna Duggar Will Do

An Austrialian Homeschooler’s Test Success

Looks like this kid has plenty of “moxie.”

“He’s the student who achieved a perfect VCE result without ever setting foot in high school.” Stephen Zhang rocked Victoria’s standardized tests and has already received plenty of generous offers from colleges.

Like Zhang and his family, we move often. Since my husband is in the miIitary, I love that our kids’ educations can stay on track seamlessly, even when we move to a new duty station every few years. Congrats to Zhang and his family, his success is inspiring!

One last bit of positive parenting to start your day right

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