Meet Rhiannon

Should you walk into my house on any given day, you might find me teaching phonics rhymes that get stuck in your head for days, demonstrating math concepts with M&Ms that somehow keep disappearing, tutoring writing, reading-aloud, or (inevitably) chasing the half-naked toddler who has marker on her face.

I use the neo-classical approach with a Charlotte Mason twist to homeschooling, which really ends up being the soak-it-in, read-a-ton, but try-to-delegate-messy-science-projects-to-their-dad approach.

Education has changed drastically since the days when my biology teacher grandfather could leave a “lasting impression” on inattentive students with a chalk eraser.  But as a fourth generation educator, I feel right at home embracing homeschooling as a growing force in the American educational landscape.

Parents, policy-makers, and educators are all searching for ways to help today’s kids be successful.  My goal is to help parents and parent-educators in that mission.

Where You Can Find Me Online

Aside from the HFC blog, my work has appeared at Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife, and COMMAND Magazine, a publication supporting Christian military members and their families.

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If you’re interested in having me write for your education or parenting blog or magazine, email me at