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If Teaching is the Art of Being Imitated, I Really Shouldn’t Teach

If Teaching is the Art of Being Imitated, I Really Shouldn’t Teach

This is part of the series: Classical Homeschooling.

Let’s just be honest for a minute. I yell at my kids. I get angry sometimes.

Okay, often.

When for the billionth time I ask one of them to do something, or pick something up, or put something down, or not hit their sister with something.

There are a lot of somethings going on my house. And it’s all very loud.

So I yell.

But I also am trying to be a classical homeschooler, which means I’m aiming at teaching my kids to love truth, goodness, and beauty. This is a LOFTY goal when they all have food on their faces from breakfast…which was six hours ago.

We often have days that span the whole spectrum: we’ll read a hilarious passage from Shakespeare together during Morning Time. “It shall be called Bottom’s Dream because it hath no bottom!” <–This, giggled out by an 8-year-old is just about the best thing in life.  But then an hour later we have kids fighting over a toy and have to have our hundredth remedial lesson in sharing.

My kids are selfish, cranky, and mean sometimes. Also, they yell. I wonder where they learned that.

In other words, they’re sinners just like their mom and dad.

So if teaching is the art of being imitated, you could say I’m a successful teacher.

The fact that they imitate all the worst, most shameful ways I interact with others just makes the Shakespeare more necessary. Because we’re a family full of selfish, cranky, mean sinners–we need this thing called classical homeschooling even more. What with all its poetry, Scripture, and repentance, we might just make it through to tomorrow.

Rhiannon Kutzer

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  • Charleigh Wolfe October 9, 2015 at 12:49 pm

    I needed this today. I love you, my brilliant friend.

    • Rhiannon October 9, 2015 at 1:08 pm

      I love you back! And brilliant? Dunno about that, but real? Yep, I try for that.

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    Let’s Thrive Together!

    Need a shot in the arm for your homeschool? Get Thrive Together, a monthly email that brings you:

    --the best of the homeschool blogosphere,
    --current homeschool news,
    --and great quotes that will refresh your homeschool mama mind.

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    • One of the things I most love about #homeschooling is the freedom it allows us to love books. It is 9:30am. We just finished breakfast after getting up late because last night we had troop meetings for our scouting groups. The kids are all well-fed and well-rested. But before we start on reading the books I’ve assigned them, we’re taking some time to read our own choices.
When I was a kid, we had plenty of books in the house, but I never really read for pleasure. It didn’t matter that my mom was a librarian and teacher. I wanted to be outside. I thought reading was for school hours and school work.
I carried these thoughts through high school and college, where I read a lot of really great books, but not many that I chose for myself.
My kids will have a totally different experience. Not saying mine was bad, but I am saying that I missed out on worlds or great books and thoughts from great authors in my younger years that I am only discovering now as an adult: the middle books of Narnia, Anne of Green Gables, Arthur Conan Doyle, Winnie the Pooh, Beatrix Potter, Harry Potter, and many more.
My kids have the TIME FREEDOM to get to know the thoughts of authors they CHOOSE. I don’t care how you school, all kids deserve this opportunity. All kids DESERVE to believe that books can be FUN and INTERESTING and MYSTERIOUS and LOVELY.
What can you do today as a homeschooling/private schooling/public schooling parent to help your kids love reading? Make no mistake: if ALL our kids take from their educations is a habit of reading widely and enjoying it, they will stand a great chance of becoming great adult humans.
#amreading #readaloudrevival #bravewriterlifestyle #homeschool #schoolchoice #charlottemasonirl
    • FINALLY! Everyone is well (enough) that we are back to school. No one is in bed with a fever #winning . Instead, we get to spend our morning with the Scottish Play. I 💛 me some Shakespeare and #MorningTime !
#homeschool #homeschooling #family #amreading #shakespeare #bravewriterlifestyle

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