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Homer Says You CAN Homeschool Your Child

Homer Says You CAN Homeschool Your Child

“Homer British Museum” from here 

Okay, He didn’t put it that way exactly.

But Homer does encourage his readers that the seemingly impossible task is doable.

Doesn’t homeschooling seem impossible some days?  I’m supposed to, what?  I have to teach them  everything they need to know to be a successful, content, joyful adult?  For me, teaching writing, literature, philosophy, languages, logic, and the humanities in general is super-duper exciting, but chemistry?  My pride shrinks into the hole in the wall like a teensy-weensy mouse hiding from the nimble hunter’s instinct of the hungry house cat.  Physics?  Ha!  That was one test in college I actually failed (maybe because I wasn’t learning it classically?).  No, these subjects are things I’d like to learn for myself, but am not yet ready to teach.

“Impossible” is a fitting adjective until I remember that they’re teensy-weensy children, and I get to start with them at the ground floor.  That means gravity.  I can teach gravity.

Homer puts it more eloquently than “teensy-weensy.”  The Greeks in their clanging armor, with the mighty Odysseus at the head, pressed in on the Trojans.  Odysseus had just seen his friend, Aias, fall.  He filled with a rage that ran through his arm, powering his spear into Democoön’s temple, killing him instantly.  As the armor-covered body crashed to the ground, even the famous Hector stepped back.

Hector was the Trojans’ champion, their strongest fighter.  Mighty, fierce, and unstoppable in battle.  Yet this scene made him back away in fear.

This is why Apollo enters the scene, frustratingly screaming at the Trojans.  He has the benefit of having a god’s-eye view.  He can’t understand why the Trojans are so afraid.  These Greeks are just people, for goodness’ sake!  They’re made of flesh and bones, just like the terrified Trojans!  Half a second ago, the Trojan Antiphos had stuck Greek Aias through with his spear, but they all seemed to forget that in the face of mighty Odysseus’ revenge.

Such fickle Trojans.

Apollo bellows at the Trojans angrily, ” ‘On Trojans, on!  do not give way to Achaians!  Their flesh is not stone or iron–volley away, and your points will cut their skins!’ ”

On homeschooling mama, on!  Do not give way to the fears, doubts, and insecurities!  Your children can learn from you.  Even if you don’t yet know chemistry or physics, you’re smart enough to find the right resources and learn along with them.  Volley away!  Keep plugging away, day after day, and your work will sink into your children: they will grow in wisdom and virtue.

This task is never impossible.

Rhiannon Kutzer

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Need a shot in the arm for your homeschool? Get Thrive Together, a monthly email that brings you:

--the best of the homeschool blogosphere,
--current homeschool news,
--and great quotes that will refresh your homeschool mama mind.

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  • Happy New Year and all, but more importantly, today we got to watch our @wyo_football win the Arizona Bowl. (With a freshman QB starting for the 1st time ever, btw 😮😮😮💪🏻) Way to go Pokes! #theWorldNeedsMoreCowboys #OneWyoming #GoWyo
  • We always have so much fun doing projects from @artforkidshub #homeschool #trynewthings #watercolor
  • Morning Time Details! E. (12), S. (almost 8), and L. (6). Our Morning Time morphs as the kids grow and change. It usually includes a combination of memory work and reading aloud. We try to cover a WHOLE LOT of things: Shakespeare, Bible, poetry, catechism, hymns, timeline, art study, composer study, and Ambleside selections for nature study, tales, and church history. This term I’m adding Plutarch.
The hard part is figuring out where I want to aim, with the 5-year gap between E. and S., and then L. being a newbie to full-on school. Having moved twice in 2019, I nixed MT and just focused on individual work. That came with costs. Shakespeare, Plutarch, art study, and composer study suffered. Memory work barely happened at all. I was BUSY. We missed out on discussing things together. Now that we’re settled, it’s time to restart MT.
This term I’ve decided to aim Shakespeare and Plutarch at the oldest, while the girls listen in and do handwriting/drawing/fine motor. I won’t ask them for much narration. Our reading schedule for these is AMBITIOUS. Maybe crazy. Then we’ll do all the memory & read aloud stuff that suits everyone. These lessons are SHORT. Then E. will go do his individual work while I read aloud w/ just the girls.
Also, “Morning Time” is a misnomer, considering we break it up throughout the day. It should really be called Morning/Lunch/Nap Time. I need a new name. Circle Time? Except we don’t sit in a circle. Together school? Except we’re together doing school all day. I don’t think English has the word I’m looking for. Maybe Tertulia or Salon?
Our actual coursework is: the Scottish Play, Plutarch is Alexander the Great’s life, our artist is Gustave Courbet, composer is Paganini, Bible memory is Psalm 46, Hymn is Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me, read alouds will rotate from Burgess Bird Book, Trial and Triumph, Blue Fairy Book, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Vanderbeekers, & picture books. Timeline is from Classical Conversations. Poems are Charge of the Light Brigade, Winter Night by Teasdale, and The Land of Nod.
Whew! It’s gonna be a fun term! What do you guys do for Morning Time?
  • #homeschool #family #weekend projects. Oldest got through a CPR course, curtains are hung, first batch ever of hard apple cider is bottled (a big learning experience!), and Morning Time for the next term is planned. 👊🏻 Time to call Dominos so these people can get fed 😂
  • Oh Halloween. That day when I pull costumes out of thin air at T-minus one hour ‘till trick-or-treating. Then one kid melts down in the middle of the fun, and is carried screaming to the car, with me hoping all the while that no one thinks I’m abducting a child. And, my favorite non-PC thought: one kid suggests we should have dressed as hobos, since we’re going around asking people to give us free candy. Phoned it in this year, Kutzers. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ #gladitsover For the record, we had a soccer player, an archer, Spider Girl, a princess, a tiny farmer, a witchy mom (Is that even a costume or just a Thursday?), and Bat Dad.
  • We may not get school started until 8 or 9, but we eat well while we read. “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life.” I think the house smelling like bacon counts as atmosphere. 😂🥰
#homeschool #charlottemasonirl #homecookedmeals #livingbooks

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