Classical Homeschooling

Classical Homeschooling with Rhiannon Kutzer, a 31 day series
A new series from Homeschool Family Culture

Welcome 31 Day readers, thanks for stopping by!

My first shot at the linkup was clearly not 31 days long, but I hope you find some useful resources here. I hope you leave with some practical tips and encouragement to help you make classical homeschooling happen in your home.

An Essential Book List

Overwhelm and Perspective

If Teaching is the Art of Being Imitated, I Really Shouldn’t Teach

The Challenge

A Classical Education is Practical

A Classical Education is Practical (Part 2)

Why Learn Latin

Learning Latin: What I Use

Characteristics of Classical Education: Humanity

Characteristics of Classical Education: Education as a Path

A Day in the Life of a Classical Homeschool

If there’s a burning question you have about classical education or how to do it in your home with your kids, please shoot me an email here:


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