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Three Tips for Better Habits

The success of our homeschools is primarily a result of what habits we, as homeschooling moms, have formed for ourselves. Of course, it's our responsibility to help our kids form good habits, but it starts with us. After some false starts and a whole lot of practice, some habits, like reading more, have taken hold… Continue reading Three Tips for Better Habits

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A Two Towers Kind of School Day

You know, the kind full of battle scenes. The good guys face hopeless odds. The women and children are crying. Only a wizard and group of mystical Ents can rescue the halflings from despair. "What can men do against such reckless evil?" "Ride out and meet them." Let's just say I did not ride out… Continue reading A Two Towers Kind of School Day


Dreamy Days and Poopy Nights: The Opposites of Parenting

Much of parenting is down and dirty, in the poo kind of “work,” but then you come up for air and all of a sudden, it’s five or ten years down the road and your diaper disaster child has become self-sufficient in all new ways

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A Day in the Life of a Classical Homeschool

This is part of the series: Classical Homeschooling Those of you who have read any of these great books about classical homeschooling have, if you're anything like me, shut the book and said something like, "Yeah right." All of this sounds fabulous, but real people like me can't possibly accomplish all that these books lay out.… Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Classical Homeschool


A Classical Education is Practical

This is part of the series Classical Homeschooling Yesterday, I discussed one of the biggest challenges to a classical education: practicality. We're going to take this on in two parts. First: Defining Terms. The traditional liberal arts are grammar, logic, and rhetoric. These three represent what's called the Trivium, or the "three paths," Then there… Continue reading A Classical Education is Practical