Have you wondered…

Is homeschooling right for me and my family?

How can I possibly do this homeschooling thing?

Can homeschooling really make a difference for my child and, in turn, the world around him?

How can I prepare my kids to meet the culture head-on?

How can I make sure my kids will be leaders, not followers of the culture?

How will changes in education policy or other legislation impact my family?

What can I do to make sure my rights to homeschool and parent as I choose are protected?

What You’ll Find Here

I believe that building strong families through homeschooling can infuse our culture with truth, goodness, and beauty. With this goal in mind, this site is a place of collaboration, commiseration, support, and inspiration.

We’ll talk about homeschooling and family, and how they interact with culture here with:

  • Thoughtful analysis of cultural and legal issues impacting homeschooling families
  • Pragmatic ideas to make your homeschool more successful
  • Inspiration to strengthen your family through homeschooling

So Please Join the Conversation!

I’m so excited for you to join me as, together, we work to build strong families, promote true ideas, act with goodness toward others, and recognize beautiful works in the world around us!


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