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Words, Words, Words

Great post from the Jagged Word, and this is something near and dear to this blog’s heart.  There are many times in the Scriptures where God admonishes us to be silent rather than opening our mouths and proving our foolishness to the world.  But the truth cannot be denied that God has chosen words as the vehicle for the earthly delivery of heavenly grace. Christ, the Word made Flesh. It doesn’t get more profound than that.

I’ve also been thinking lately about the third commandment and what Luther says in the Large Catechism about how each day is sanctified when God’s word is present during the day. Instead of a burden to do daily devotions, this is a relief to me. When I read or hear scripture, God is changing my life. This sure beats me trying to change my life on my own.

As a home educator, the pressure mounts, though, to make sure my littles are learning to use words well. I have to remember this is a lifelong process, and one that will never be complete. My kids will always have plenty of room for improvement in the way they use their words because they are sinners just like me. Thank Heaven it is God who sanctifies our days with His Word.

The Jagged Word

By Paul Koch


Polonius: What do you read, my lord?

Hamlet: Words, words, words.

Words; our lives are saturated in them. They roll around in our minds, exit our mouths and fill our eyes and ears. They shape our thoughts and seep through our fingers to paper and ink, or for that matter, keyboards and touchscreens. And as Hamlet’s sarcasm highlights, words are never detached from meaning. When we read, we read more than words.

However, just because words have meaning doesn’t mean they mean very much.

We use our words without much discretion or thought. We spew them out and offer them up without considering their value or benefit. I don’t think we can help it; it’s simply a byproduct of our humanity. Our words are like the garbage that builds up in our homes; if we didn’t have convenient little trash cans to take to the curb…

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